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Let them eat…icing

October 20, 2011

Cake making is an art.

I have complete respect for anyone with this skill.

Skill, I have this, not.  I do however try and try again.

I make three cakes a year. One each for the teenagers and the man.  A little history here on my illustrious cake making career.

There is only one statement that runs true when I bake a cake.  If it can go wrong…it will.

It did.

My plan was to make a 6 layer rainbow cake.

Begin by baking 6 vanilla cakes.  Do one smart thing and use Duncan Heinz. The teenagers won’t mind and you might just keep yours.

This time let them cool completely.  Remember in 1998 you frosted that warm cake right into a pile of icing glob?  I remember.

Now the fun begins. Did you know that I was supposed to add food colouring to each individual cake batter before baking?  It took me exactly 45 minutes and 6 cooled white cakes to remember this fact.  While trying to slap myself silly, I had to improvise and create a new cake.  A coloured frosting cake.

Layer 4 and here is where I run out of icing. Off to the grocery store I go…

Layer 5 and how lucky am I that frosting was on sale for $1.29 each.  You think 5 containers will do?

Layer 6!  Fingers crossed.

Does this look tilted to you?

All of my cakes seem to end up with this preschool touch!

The pink fairy dust on the sides ended up being just another challenge so I basically just smeared it on with a spreader.  Yes…smeared.

14 candles…

more pictures…

 Ok. Cut it already!

uh huh, it’s a fat, sugar laden mess

Did the man really think I wouldn’t notice…

this big plate of icing with the cake missing?

Luckily the teenagers loved the cake…food fighting, sugar high and all.

Happy Birthday Jojo!  Love mommy

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  1. sandra permalink
    October 20, 2011 8:41 pm

    Happy Birthday! Cute picture

  2. October 20, 2011 9:16 pm

    Aww, thanks mama. 🙂

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