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Turkey burgers

June 6, 2010

It was a beautiful Monday today and I managed to walk Daisy for 40 minutes and to pack 2 whole boxes for Edmonton. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I’ve been stressed about where to start, now I’ve started and I don’t think it will be so bad. As long as I get my shoes and my kitchenaid all should be fine 🙂 I’m doing my weekly roasted veggie cooking tonight along with feta turkey burgers and a twice baked sweet potato for dinner. I made 2 separate burgers for the girls with just feta.

The boy and I will have the ‘good’ ones!
1/2 pound lean ground turkey
3 tbsp finely diced onion
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp each salt and pepper
1 handful of baby spinach chopped finely
As much feta as you like and I used lots

I’ve got this huge tub of feta to finish in 2 weeks. Hmmm…maybe a feta, tomato and oregano frittata tomorrow.
After baking a sweet potato I squash it with a small plate and add a bit of olive oil and sea salt, bake again at 400 until crispy. A dollop of greek yogurt and this is the best sweet potato you’ve ever tasted!
I can and usually do eat brussel sprouts every day so just like my super size salad I make a huge batch to have on hand all week. Not just any brussel sprouts though, roasted sprouts are by far the best. I simply cut them in half, spray with some pam and sprinkle with lemon pepper.

I love the tart flavor of lemon pepper with roasted veggies.

Place pan right in the middle of your oven and put the setting on roast. Be sure to watch them because they cook fast and will blacken quickly if your not careful. I just spend $13.50 for these babies today so I think I would cry if I forgot them – and I have before.

I roast them just until carmelized and still firm since they will go in the microwave for heating up during the week.

I also did a pile of roasted broccoli. A spray of pam again with some hot chili powder (or mild), some sea salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice.

You have to be even more carful with the brocolli because as you can see it cooks super fast! These were on the verge but I love them this way and I could eat the whole bunch at one sitting. Now I have my veggies for the week. Next week I hope the peppers look better at the market because I usually roast them in strips and add as well.

This was tonight’s dinner with roasted asparagus leftover from last night.

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